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Brute Force

Brute Force: Part 9

“I can’t really rock you in this thing without tipping it over,” I explained to her. As if an explanation would do any good. “You like to move around though, don’t you? I’ve never liked staying still all that much either. I guess you take after your old man.” I chuckled and imagined that she would laugh back.

Brute Force

Brute Force: Part 6

“What’s your deal? You corner me in a kitchen and ask me about my eyes, you give me what I ask for, offer me raises, harass the men I’m around, follow me, but refuse sex. I’d guess you had a crush on me, but you’re too insecure to do anything about it. Aren’t you? How’s that for being ignorant about the world around me?”
“I do not have a crush on you! I’m just protective of my employees. That’s all. Shutup, bitch.”
“I quit and I never want to see you again.”
“I’ll double security. Come back. I’m sorry,” he said with lonesome eyes. I loved being right.

Brute Force

Brute Force: Part 5

I was expecting some kind of agreement, but they all just stared at me. I was afraid I lost them. Jack started clapping and everyone followed. It was a wonderful feeling. The greatest painkiller I found over the years was mass appreciation.